Cribbar Webcam Newquay

If you’re looking for the Cribbar Wave, there was a Cribbar webcam, through which you could watch the Cribbar live, but it is no longer operational.

The Cribbar wave occurs only a few times a year, but it’s a monster wave – and if you don’t know the name, it’s also called the Monster Wave of Cornwall. When Cribbar Giant Wave Newquay Cornwall

The Cribbar Monster Wave in Newquay produces some of the biggest waves for surfing in the British Isles – so large it’s dangerous to even attempt to surf it unless you’re really, REALLY good!

Where is the Cribbar Wave?

The Cribbar breaks off the end of Towan Headland, to the right of the Headland Hotel, just beyond Little Fistral Beach. This big wave surf spot was only first known to be surfed in 1966. When you’re looking at the cam, if the Cribbar’s around, you’ll see it on the right hand side of the cam view.

Cribbar Wave Webcam: NO LONGER OPERATING

There is a reunion planned, bringing together the first people who surfed the Cribbar, funds are being raised, so there’s no date for that yet.

Since announcing the Cribbar Reunion, it all went quiet, so I suspect it’s either not happened, won’t happen, or we’ll find out too late as “it’s not an event, it’s a private get together”.

The Cribbar wave turned up in Newquay on 16 December 2016 and was surfed by many surfers. Cribbar Wave Newquay, December 2016

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