The Hunks – love it or loathe it?

I’ve got very mixed feeling about the news that Sky are about to broadcast reality TV show ‘The Hunks‘.
Newquay has been trying so hard over the last couple of years to change its image – and Newquay Safe Partnerships have worked wonders in trying to turn the reputation of the town around.
The producers are said to have boasted “this much flesh has not been seen on our screens since Baywatch.” Now I love(d) Baywatch as next as the next person, but I’m guessing there’s going to be less life-saving, more getting naked and drunk in what is essentially most of the year a sleepy seaside town.
We have a new  state-of-the-art cinema on the way – if we could just sort out the town centre parking we might attract some good stores like Marks’ and the drunken yobs might be neutralised by some families once again.

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