Free Walking Routes in Newquay

If you want to spend the day walking around the Newquay area, there are many free walking routes you can view online, or download, to show you the way to go.  There are town walks and coastal walks, as well as a heritage walk that takes you around RAF St Mawgan’s significant buildings and memorials.

Maps Covering the Newquay Area: 

If you’re going to be walking, then the OS Explorer series is the most detailed map to buy – this shows you all the features and will help you to easily follow your route, or plot a route.  Once you have a good map it provides you with free walks for life!

The OS Explorer Map (106) Newquay and Padstow is the map covering the Newquay area, produced by the Ordnance Survey.
ISBN 978-0319243084.

This is the recommended map for anyone enjoying outdoor activities such as walking, horse riding and off-road cycling. The OS Explorer range now includes a digital version of the paper map, accessed through the OS smartphone app, OS Maps. Providing details of essential information such as youth hostels, pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way, permissive paths and bridleways.

  • St Mawgan Heritage Route:
    The Internal Heritage Trail will involve visiting six separate locations throughout RAF St Mawgan which can be undertaken over foot, and one which is located outside of the Station boundary which will require transport. These all represent a significant part of the Royal Air Force history and heritage within RAF St Mawgan.
    The downloadable/printable PDF route map is available on the RAF St Mawgan website at: RAF Mawgan Walks PDF File
  • South West Coast Path:
    Walk the South West Coast Path. Their website has many free walks for you to follow in Newquay and the whole of Cornwall.  Within five miles of Newquay you’ll find 12 moderate walks and three challenging walks.
  • Discover Newquay Trail:
    Around Newquay there are a series of slate plaques (about 18″ wide) set into the ground at various points – and the route between these should still be available from Newquay Tourist Office as a map/leaflet.  Called the Discover Newquay Trail, and compiled by David Faulkner over 10 years ago, there are two separate routes, “The Hetty Trail” and “The Ada Trail”, with 13 plaques in total.  Each of the discs was hand-crafted by local sculptor Peter Martin.  Like many things, over time, it can be harder to track down the maps as they go out of print.  A website produces these routes, although the website is “under construction” when I last checked.  You can still find the information about the trail on their website and discover it all by yourself without the leaflet.

More Free Walks in Newquay:

Here are some other websites where you can view, or download, free walking routes in Newquay:  Free Walking Routes Newquay Cornwall P690125