Accommodation in Newquay covers a huge range of options.

If you want to live in Newquay, then maybe you’re looking to buy a house in Newquay, or to rent somewhere to live. Maybe you’re relocating and are looking for a houseshare until you’re established. Living in Newquay and choosing where to live varies depending on whether you’re staying for a short-time or to settle. Newquay

For holidaymakers, there are holiday lettings, caravan parks and campsites to choose from.

Living in Newquay Permanently

Most people moving to Newquay and planning on living in Newquay full-time, look to the outskirts to settle. All of them are “good areas”, it’s just a question of choosing whether you want to be close to the beaches, or the main access roads.

If there are any areas to avoid, most people might say: the Mayfield Estate off Mount Wise, Bay View Terrace and the Treloggan Estate.

One of the “posh parts” is Trevean Way, Newquay, overlooking the Gannel, where you’ll not really get change from £400k.

Choosing the modern apartments might seem a good idea – but make sure you ask how many other people live in them, as opposed to renting them out as holiday lets. Many of these new builds are empty during the winter months, while the summer months are a riot of visitors partying.

If you’re bringing your belongings down with you and want self-storage, there’s a really good one on the estate opposite McDonald’s/Lidl. The man’s VERY nice there and will do his best to accommodate your needs and price bracket. Simply head to the end of the road, where there’s a T junction, turn right and go through the gates into the yard.

Moving into a holiday home can often be a quick solution for your initial move; book one for 3-4 weeks, giving you time to contact local estate agents and look around. You should be able to get a good rate for a 3-4 week booking, so long as it’s not peak season.

Living in Newquay for the Summmer

Most people wanting to live in Newquay for the summer tend to stay within a few hundred yards of the town – making it easy and quick to get in and out for the shift-jobs they’re likely to be doing and the lack of public transport to the outer fringes; also, those moving for the summer will be hoping to mix and mingle with work colleagues on a regular basis, so the closer to town you are, the better.

For short-term accommodation, check out the window of the shop on the corner of Marcus Hill. It’s traditionally been “THE” place in town where rooms and flats are advertised.

Claiming Benefits and Renting

There are some big changes afoot from April 2011 for those claiming Local Housing Allowance (LHA). As it stands right now, if you’re unemployed and 25 you get the 1-bed rate; from April 2011 you will need to be 35 to get the 1-bed rate. If you’re under 35 and need to claim LHA, you’ll get the shared room rate, which is much less than the 1-bed rate.

You can choose to live where you like, but it is up to you to make up the difference between any LHA you receive and what the rent is. Additionally, the 1-bed rate will be reducing by about £10/week. If you are making decisions about where to live, just make sure you don’t come unstuck if you lose your job and need to claim the new LHA rate in the coming year.

These rates/changes affect single people only. Couples still get a 1-bed rate, as do some vulnerable groups.

Last checked June 2016