Surf Lodges in Newquay

Where there used to be just a handful of surf lodges in Newquay, offering affordable accommodation mostly in dorm-style rooms, there are now dozens of them.

Surf lodges are a cheap, or affordable way for groups of people to get together for a weekend break, or longer.  Traditionally, the accommodation is in dormitory style rooms, with bunk beds providing sleeping space for 2-12 people per room.  Rates can be as low as £10 per person per night, making it easier to get away for the weekend more often. Surf Lodges Newquay Cornwall

There are now some newer, up-market Boutique Lodges appearing – they’re similar to surf lodges, but with all the refinements you’d get in a hotel, although price-wise you have to be careful you wouldn’t get a better deal at a local budget hotel instead.

Rules will vary between surf lodges, many will have a 24 hour Manager on site, they might have a 24 hour licensed bar for residents only.  Some will provide you with a full cooked breakfast in the price, others will provide a self-service breakfast, while some simply do away with breakfast entirely – which can be great as it will get you out and trying the local cafes.

Choosing the Best Surf Lodge in Newquay

One thing’s for sure – we’re all different – and so are surf lodges. If you want to choose the best surf lodge in Newquay then you need to start with a list of what you need. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Which beach do you want or need to be nearest to?
  2. How close to town do you want to be?
  3. Which end of town is going to be best for you?
  4. What transport are you using? How close is the surf lodge to the train/bus station, or is there car parking on site?
  5. What ages/sexes do the surf lodge cater for – does that match your group?
  6. How many rooms do you need? Does the surf lodge have the right number/mix of rooms?
  7. Do you absolutely have to have an en-suite room or your holiday’s ruined?
  8. What about the Internet, do you want/need free Internet or Wifi?
  9. Do they have a bar? Are you allowed to bring drink into your room?
  10. Can you use their kitchen to cook meals? Can you order takeaways to be delivered, or can you bring them into your room?
  11. Do you want/need a TV lounge? a Games Room?
  12. Do you want any surfing lessons or other packages to be arranged for you?

If you spend a bit of time now organising where in town you’d need to be – and asking the right questions when you phone the surf lodges in Newquay, then you’ll have a much better time when you arrive, rather than having your mates constantly saying “Shouldn’t have left it to you … I knew this would happen … why do we have to be so far away from …..” and you don’t want that!


Hostelbookers provides a service where you can instantly search multiple surf lodges in Newquay to get actual prices for the dates you want. Get an online price right now.  Not only do you get a price, but they’re rated and there’s a map view.  The map view’s great for instantly knowing exactly where you’ll be!

So that’s it, surf lodges, hostels or cheap private hotels – there’s a bed for the night somewhere for you and your mates!

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Last checked June 2016