Within this section you’ll find all the information you need to work in Newquay.

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Work is an essential part of life, we need to do it to pay for the things we love doing! So it’s an essential part of the Newquay Town site, where we’ll bring together anything and everything we can find that’ll help you to discover and explore your options.


If you’re looking for retail work in Newquay, then most shops will have a policy of putting a sign in the window if they have a vacancy, so you’ll need to walk round the town with some copies of your CV ready to hand out.

If you’re looking for work in supermarkets in Newquay, then these have an application form you can fill out – just go into each store and ask for a copy of their form.

Pubs, clubs and bars will usually have a sign in the window if they have any vacancies, but go in and ask the Manager too.

Jobcentre Jobs in Newquay

We used to put up one new post/job, but that became overwhelming when it got to needing 3 hours/day just to make sense of it … then there was a page bringing in a jobs feed direct from Newquay Jobcentre, but that was withdrawn too…. so sorry, can’t bring you all the new jobs in Newquay right now, but as soon as I have a feed I’ll update this page.

Hotel Jobs in Newquay

All the large hotels are looking for staff, not only at the start of the season, but throughout the summer.  Some are listed here: Hotel Jobs in Newquay

Holiday Park Jobs in Newquay

There are a number of holiday parks close to Newquay, they all have staff needs throughout the year and for summer jobs in Newquay, get a list of the larger holiday parks here: Holiday Park Jobs in Newquay.

Online Jobs Sites

Some jobs are advertised on online jobs sites, so it can be worthwhile keeping an eye on those too.

Indeed Jobs Search quite often have jobs in Newquay advertised from hotels and holiday parks, as well as local businesses:

Jobs from Indeed