Beaches in Newquay

There are at least seven beaches in Newquay – I say at least, which is odd as you’d expect that somebody would be able to count them easily enough!

This means that there are at least enough beaches for you to go to different beaches in Newquay every day for a week! There’s over 200 miles of coastline around Cornwall and, with Newquay being in the middle of Cornwall on the north coast, this means that you’re well placed to reach any of them.

However, the question with beaches in Newquay is where you set the outer limits. So here’s my list of Newquay beaches, from East to West:

Surf Boards at Fistral Beach, Newquay

Now – I make that 11.  Even if you discount the first and last, there’s still 9.

Each of the beaches in Newquay has different characteristics and attributes that make it attractive, or not, to various people.  Some might love the idea of 100+ narrow steps down to a beach, whereas others would be completely wishing to avoid this at all cost.

Below is a quick overview, to help you pick the right beach for your needs, or to maybe think about which beach you want to be nearest to if you’re booking a beach holiday in Newquay:

Newquay BeachCar ParkEasy AccessFoodLoos
Watergate BayYesYesYes, including Fifteen RestaurantYes
Whipsiderry BeachNoNo, steep stepsNoNo
Porth BeachYes, on the beachYes, it's all flatYes, shops, pub and cafeYes
Lusty Glaze BeachYes, at the topNo, steep stepsYes, bistro/barYes
Tolcarne BeachNoNo, 130 steep steps or a steep walkwayYes, restaurant, takeaway, barYes
Great Western BeachNoNo, steep road downNo, small shopYes
Towan BeachYes, small car parkYes, if you park in the car parkYes, cafesNo
Harbour BeachYes, small car parkYes, if you park in the car parkYes, cafe, pasties at the Rowing ClubYes
Little FistralYesYesNo, although often an ice cream van in summer.Yes
Fistral NorthYesYesYes, takeaway, restaurantYes
Fistral SouthNo, on road parking Yes, narrow stepsYes, cafe/bistro by the stepsNo
Crantock BeachYesNo as you have to walk over the sand duneYes, cafe. At low tide there's the Fern Pit Cafe on the north side.Yes

remwbay beach towel
Image © Rob Noble: Surf Boards at Fistral Beach