Fistral Beach North

Fistral Beach, Newquay is just one long beach, but it’s often referred to as North and South as this helps to define the access and facilities available.

Fistral Beach North is at the end where the Headland Hotel is, where the Fistral Surf Centre was built and where the surfing competitions are held.

Surf Boards at Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall

Built in 2003, the Fistral Surf Centre provides shops, some great places to eat and some top quality public showers and lavatories.

During the summer season, the large/flat car park at Fistral Beach North is often closed, so that stalls and entertainment can be set up. In the past, national music roadshows and events have been broadcast from Fistral Beach North, and sometimes from the grounds of the Headland Hotel above it.

Fistral Beach used to be a fabulously sandy beach, but since they built the Surf Centre I personally feel it’s become a lot less inviting, with more stones to be found. It’s still sandy, very sandy – just not as fabulously sandy as it used to be 🙂

On the east/northern end of Fistral Beach, the other side of the Headland Hotel is where you’ll find the infamous Cribbar Wave, when it’s around – although this legendary monster wave’s only seen about twice a year, if that.

Parking is Pay & Display.

Services at Fistral Beach North, Newquay

  • Car Parking: Yes, a large pay and display car park is available
  • Public Lavatories: Yes, very modern and good.
  • Easy Access for Wheelchairs and Prams: Yes – Beach Wheelchairs Available
  • Food Available: Yes, a good choice in the cafe, or you can lunch at the restaurant in the Fistral Surf Centre complex or even the Headland Hotel
  • Lifeguard: Fistral Beach has probably the most lifeguards available for the most months of the year.

Events at Fistral Beach

Throughout the year there are a number of surfing events held on Fistral Beach, sometimes with accompanying festivals and stalls, etc. Nuts Magazine Boardmasters competition during the summer also comes with the almost statutory beer tent and bikini-clad beauties in their Nuts Babe Bikini Contest.

  • There are no events listed at the moment, sorry.

Where to Stay Near to Fistral Beach North, Newquay

The most obvious choice is the Headland Hotel, but there are plenty of new luxury holiday apartments that have been built along the access road, all with fabulous sea views and balconies. These new holiday apartments are built in a row, on the same road, so you just have to choose between a luxury flat with panoramic sea views, or whether to indulge yourself by renting a penthouse suite for the ultimate luxury, combining location, sea views and rooftop terraces.

Many of these luxury holiday flats, with balconies and sea views, are bookable through Blue Chip, why not check out Zinc, one of the most popular and striking developments overlooking Fistral Beach.

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Photography by: PM Cowley.