Sunnyside 18-30s Campsite Newquay

It’s been some years since the infamous Sunnyside 18-30s campsite in Newquay closed down, so what’s replacing it? 18-30s campsites in Newquay are still in existence, providing the same buzz and fun for the younger set, but not where Sunnyside used to be. Which campsites in Newquay now cater for the 18-30s set:

Smugglers’ Haven 18-30s Campsite, Newquay (now CLOSED)

Smugglers’ Haven, based at Porth, Newquay, catered for the 18-30s market. Smugglers’ Haven also accepts 16-17 year olds too, with parental consent, with organised Under 18s club nights.  Campsite NewquaySmugglers’ Haven also provided a FREE Meet and Greet Coach transfer for all incoming trains on Saturdays (and all trains during the annual EXODUS programme in the first three weeks of July).

However, Smugglers’ Haven was sold off and was renamed Newquay View Resort, part of the Peter Bull Resorts group.

Rosecliston Campsite Newquay

Rosecliston is the closest 18-30s campsite to the town centre and Fistral Beach.

A taxi/minibus service runs into Newquay all day and through the night until the clubs shut. It will take you to Newquay’s beaches, shops, bars, restaurants and clubs and bring you back again for a small charge. The minibus can also pick you up from the coach or train station when you arrive in Newquay for a small charge.

They accept 16 and 17 year olds with parents’ written permission. At Rosecliston you will find a bar, shop, swimming pool, showers, toilets, and laundry plus you can park and BBQ right by your tent. Rosecliston is the closest young persons’ campsite to the town centre and Fistral Beach.

You will need a £20 cash/goodwill deposit upon arriving.

18-30s Campsites Warnings

If you’re looking for an 18-30s campsite then you should be aware that most of your fellow campers are likely to be of the noisy and boisterous type. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway with a spot of yoga, you will probably be disappointed. Camping pitches can also be small.

Make sure you read reviews of any campsite before booking to make sure what it offers meets your needs and expectations.

Pack for the Beach/Fun

Don’t forget to take everything with you that you’ll need – it’s no fun traipsing round an unfamiliar town for something that you “need” to have to enjoy your morning at the beach or night out. Shopping in Newquay is limited and you need to spend all your time enjoying yourself, not trying to track down things you forgot!

Want to be Closer to Town and the Beaches or Clubs?

Campsites in Newquay are out of the town area, so you will have less opportunity to “pop out” for a bit without having to wait for a bus or call a taxi.  If you want the instant access to everything, then you want to be closer to the town – have you thought of staying in a Surf Lodge?  Not all surf lodges will take bookings from under 18s, but here’s some who will: Newquay Surf Lodges for Under 18s.

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