Events In Cornwall

What’s on in Cornwall across the whole year?  If you’re planning some time away you might want to see what’s going on to see whether to aim for a particular weekend, or week, or not. Events in Cornwall

In an attempt to steer you towards what’s on in Cornwall, I’ve opted for giving you an outline of events that usually occur in certain months.  The Cornish festivals, the regular events and the big events.

With Cornwall’s tourism industry relying a lot on small businesses, underfunded Councils and the changing expectations of visitors, it would be a full-time job to even attempt to keep fully across all the events, instead I’ll take you “Inside the Head of a Local” to give you the list of what might be on, so you can then research anything of interest yourself.

Some events have been running hundreds of years – so they should make the list – but, what of those who have only been running 1-2 years?  If they’re a big draw then they need to be included as they might be just what you’re looking for.

For now, I’ve broken the year down into four quarters and will be filling four pages with quarterly overviews:

January to March: Usually fairly quiet as it’s out of season.

April to June: The tourism season opens at Easter, so April to June has a growing number of events.

July to September: Spanning the peak summer season, most events are in the months of July and August, where they’ll receive the biggest crowds

October to December: Autumnal events and the lead up to Xmas sees an increasing number of craft fairs and indoor events.