Events at Newquay Harbour

Throughout the year there are numerous events, from Rowing Club nights, through to the huge, annual Newquay Fish Festival and the County Gig Championships and the annual Newquay Harbour Water Sports Day. The RNLI have Lifeboat Days and various fundraising events use the harbour for water-sports based challenges and sponsored events. Newquay

Most events will take place between April and September as the sea in winter can be too changeable for planned activities. On New Year’s Eve there is a fireworks display at the harbour.

Below is a list of events at Newquay Harbour, this is not an exhaustive list, but is an overview of the more major and regular events:

Events at Newquay Harbour

Dec 2017

  • Sunday 31 Dec 2017 - 11PM to 11PM

    Newquay New Years Eve Fireworks 2017, Newquay

    Every year at midnight there’s a fireworks display at the end of Newquay Harbour to welcome in the new year.

    Newquay New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display 2017/2018. Newquay Fireworks 2017

    This free firework display starts in the minutes just after midnight.

    Wherever you are in town, as the bells are ringing in the New Year, make a dash next to the Harbour to watch them!

    Get as close as you can, for the best effect, but you can also watch the fireworks from further afield:

    Visible from Watergate Bay, Porth, Tolcarne, Great Western and Towan Beach.
    Visible from Barrowfields and Killacourt.
    From any vantage point, if you can see the sea entrance to Newquay Harbour you’ll be able to see the fireworks.

  • Take a peek down if you’re passing, there might be something unexpected going on!