Buses From White Acres to Newquay

Buses from White Acres to Newquay are provided by First bus company. Because of the location, being on narrow and winding roads, it’s not really safe to walk on the local road too much because it’s not much wider than two cars, so there’s no footpath and no room for pedestrians.

The buses from White Acres to Newquay stop right outside White Acres, at the crossroads with the entrance. The term to use to get to White Acres is to ask for “White Cross Cottage”, although the drive will be fully aware of White Cross and White Acres, it’s just nice to know you’re asking for the destination by the exact name as listed on their books!

Buses Route, White Acres to Newquay town: 

The bus from White Acres to Newquay covers a distance of ~5.5 miles, depending on where you want to go in town, taking about 20 minutes. The route taken by the bus is as shown:

Buses Whiteacres To Newquay Cornwall 2017

Since 2016, when Western Greyhound closed down, buses from White Acres to Newquay have been provided by FirstKernow Route 21 (2017).

Where do Buses from White Acres Go To Kernow Buses Newquay

The buses from White Acres go to Newquay in one direction, passing Quintrell Downs, where there’s two local pubs that serve food and the Premier Inn. Then then turn right and head towards the coast and into Newquay past the railway station and right into the centre of town to the bus station, which is alongside the cinema and the pedestrianised town centre. The journey takes 20 minutes.

Frequency of Buses from White Acres to Newquay or St Austell

Buses are once an hour in each direction. The journey takes 20 minutes to get to Newquay and 40 minutes to get to St Austell. The last bus in summer back from Newquay leaves at midnight; the last regular service (outside of summer hours) leaves at 10:30.

Towards St Austell, the route passes through the old china clay mining area and then onto the centre of St Austell.

For all bus services, see the Cornwall Public Transport website, for route maps, which you can immediately access in a PDF format by clicking on the relevant town name.

Live Bus Times App / Info

The postcode for White Acres is TR8 4LW, which you can use to find out the next bus on: Next Bus Service. Nextbuses is the new way to get the next departures from any bus straight to your mobile phone. Live information is shown where available, otherwise scheduled times are given.

Nearest Beaches to White Acres by bus

If you’re planning on using the bus to get to a beach, then the most convenient beaches that are right ON the bus route are: Tolcarne Beach, Great Western Beach and Towan Beach. If you don’t mind a bit of a walk once you’re off the bus, then Porth Beach is within 1/4 of a mile of the bus stop and from the bus station it’s about a 0.8 mile walk to Fistral Beach.

Date last checked: November 2017.

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