Film Workshops at Newquay Lighthouse Cinema

As part of the Cornwall Film Festival, 4-6 November, a series of Film Workshops and Talks will be held at Newquay Cinema, as well as two adjoining buildings.

Additionally there are opportunities for Networking Forums and Filmmaker Speed-Dating.

The Film Festival Workshops planned in Newquay include:

Friday Film Workshops

  • Filmmaking in Cornwall
  • Red Camera
  • Make a Film in a Day

Saturday Film Workshops

  • Drama School. A morning workshop and an afternoon workshop (for older pupils).
  • A Talk: Lipsync
  • A Talk: Screenwriting

Sunday Film Workshops

  • A Talk: Spider Eye Studios
  • A Talk: Casting Director
  • A Talk: Vampires in Film
  • Stop-Frame Animation
  • A Talk: Crowd Funding

For more information, contact Newquay Cinema: Newquay Lighthouse Cinema.

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