Accommodation in Newquay: Houseshares, Flatshares and Lodgers

Houseshares in Newquay

If you’re looking to move to Newquay, there are plenty of houseshares around. Here are the latest houseshares in Newquay for you to check out what’s available and prices. It’s easier to look if you’re in the area, so also consider booking into a cheap B&B for 1-2 weeks, or finding a cheap holiday caravan (season depending) …. and if it’s hot, there’s always a tent just to get you in the area and available to look around. Flatshares and House Shares Newquay Cornwall

Some are houseshares and some are rooms for lodgers:

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Rooms to Rent Noticeboards

If you’re already in town, then head for the corner shop at the bottom of Marcus Hill (near the Tourist Information office, library, Subway) – that’s the shop window that gets the adverts for rooms.