Newquay Carnival 2013

Newquay Carnival 2013 is launched with a slight change of name, and a LOT more events. The Newquay Carnival Route has changed too. Now running to a full week of activities, there’s still the usual Carnival procession and fireworks night, but a whole load more going on as well.

Always popular, the Newquay Carnival is a traffic-stopper, with roads being closed around the procession as it proceeds through the town on the night of Saturday 13 July. This year, vehicles will be included in the procession, which has always been a walking procession in previous years. Judging of the floats is at 5.30pm, just prior to the procession.

The Carnival Theme for 2013 is: Historical Newquay.

Route Change: The route has changed this year. Starting at the Bristol Hotel, the procession will make its way along Narrowcliff, through the centre of town, and end up at Sainsburys, bringing everybody together in the centre of town for more fun and activities.

Newquay Carnival Procession Route: Starting at 6pm behind the Bristol Hotel, the groups will then make their way out onto Narrowcliff, by the Barrowfields.

  • There are no events listed at the moment, sorry.

Other events will be running, keep an eye out on the local press for any last minute details.

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