Visiting Restormel Castle, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Restormel Castle is on the outskirts of the lovely small town of Lostwithiel, Cornwall and it’s worth visting the castle, town and riverside for a day out.

Restormel Castle is owned and managed by English Heritage and is the site of past battles from the English Civil War. In 1644, The Earl of Cornwall invaded, with 10,000 tropps, thinking the locals would be on his side, but after two fierce battles, lasting 10 days, he had to escape on a boat. Charles I was at those battles and had to sleep under a hedge with the troops. With Charles I’s side winning this battle, it was considered to be one of the key battles in the Civil War (1642-1651). Charles I was eventually defeated and beheaded in 1649

There is a sign at Castle Dore marking the victory of the Royalists over the Parliamentarians in the battle in 1644.

Restormel Castle is a ruin. The Castle is a 13th-century circular shell-keep enclosing the main castle rooms – and in remarkably good condition. The mound Restormel Castle stands on is an earlier Norman mound, surrounded by a deep dry ditch. It is alongside the River Fowey.

The Black Prince (1330-1376) visited Restormel Castle twice. He was the Duke of Cornwall from 1337–1376. He was never King of England because he died the year before his father (Edward III), making him the first Prince of Wales who didn’t become King. His son, aged 10, was crowned King of England in 1377 (Richard II).

Bring a picnic with you as there’s lots of space to spread out and relax – and keep an eye out for Black Pheasants in the grounds and surrounding woodland (Tetraphasis Obscurus). If you take a walk, you’ll discover lots of plants and flowers, as well as birds and wildlife. Being an elevated spot, there are stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside including the River Fowey.

There are lots of activities at the castle during the peak summer season, including outdoor theatre performances in the evenings.

Where is Restormel Castle?

The Castle is about one mile north of the small town of Lostwithiel, close to St Austell.
Address: Restormel Castle, Nr Restormel Road, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0EE

Ticket Prices and Opening Times

Members of English Heritage get free entry, membership costs £48/year.

Adult: £3.60; Up to age 15: £2.20; Concessions: £3.20;

The castle is open seven days a week: From 10am-6pm 7 days a week in July and August and 10am-5pm most other times.

The castle is only open April-October.

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