Do Waitrose do Food Delivery in Newquay?

There’s only one Waitrose in Cornwall, on the border with Devon at Saltash, a new Waitrose will open in Truro in June 2016, but this means that holidaymakers used to shopping in Waitrose will be looking for the nearest Waitrose to Newquay. That’s 45 miles away at the moment, 15+ miles once the Truro Waitrose is open – so the next question they ask is “do Waitrose do food delivery in Newquay?” – and now, the answer is yes, they do. Waitrose Truro Cornwall Nearest Newquay

There was a time when they didn’t deliver so far down the county, but you can now get your food delivery when you’re on holiday in Newquay – whether that’s because you always eat Waitrose foods, or because you’re planning a luxurious weekend away and want to order “the best” you can.

If you don’t have an account already, then it makes sense to get that sorted out now, so it’s ready for when you need it, rather than waiting, forgetting – and wishing you had! One more item ticked off the Holiday Checklist!


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