Anti Shark Attack Wetsuits

There’s been a new development in wetsuit design, with a new anti shark attack wetsuit, called Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS). Designed by Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson, the suits retail at £250. These anti shark wetsuits are the first of their kind and are intended to make swimmers and surfers ‘invisible’ to sharks through their use of a patterned material.
Anti Shark Attack Wetsuits
The wetsuits are in a bold striped pattern, mimicing the danger sign of nature, they are designed to make surfers and swimmers look less like seals, which is what the shark is really looking for as it’s one of their favourite foods.

The suit is being made in Perth, Australia and pre-orders were coming in before the first ones rolled off the production line.

Initial production will see two designs, one in blue and one in black and white.

remwbay new wet suit

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