Beatles in Newquay 1967

Did you know that in 1967 the Beatles visited Newquay? They were filmed as part of their Magical Mystery Tour album/film. There is quite a lot of footage of this time, as well as many local stories.

The Egg Man, one of the Beatles’ tracks, is supposed to have started life because the Beatles were sitting in a pub in Newquay, I think it was Sailors, when a man came into the bar and was introduced as the Egg Man, meaning he was the local man who delivers eggs.  And now you can meet the Egg Man for yourself as he’s set up a Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour  – a bus tour round Newquay where various places of interest and significant locations are pointed out, along with some personal memories and anecdotes as the compere is The Egg Man himself – he was there and met the Beatles in Newquay at that time….. an unequalled bus tour!

Beatles Locations in Newquay

Here’s some footage of the Beatles in Newquay in 1967, some of the locations are very obvious and clear:

Where can you see?

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