Cribbar Wave Newquay, December 2016

Cribbar Wave Newquay December 2016

The Cribbar wave turned up again in Newquay – and it was huge!  With modern technology more surfers were able to take advantage of knowing the giant wave was arriving and to be there to attempt to ride it.

The Cribbar is a dangerous wave to surf if you’re not already an exceptional surfer.

Here is the Magic Seaweed Youtube video of the Cribbar being surfed by  Peter Edkins, Dave Ewer, Nick Healey, Rob Barber, Jack Coombs, Bruce Collingworth, Pete Geall, Alex Chisholm, and George Bartlett.

It looks a lot bigger if you’re IN the water!  This is a monster wave.

More about the Cribbar Wave:

Cribbar Wave, Newquay

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