Supermarkets in Newquay

There are three main supermarkets in Newquay: Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda. There’s also two Tesco Metros. None of these are 24 hour opening. Newquay also has a Lidl and an Aldi, the Newquay Lidl was demolished and a larger, new, store was opened in 2015.

Other supermarkets and grocery stores are:  Supermarkets In Newquay

  • Co-Op: St Columb Minor, just off Henver Road, open until 11pm
  • Spar: Tower Road. Open 8am-10pm Tue-Sat, 9am-10pm Sun-Mon.
  • Spar: Chester Road, TR7 2RT. Open 8am-10pm Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm Sundays.
  • Spar: Quintrell Downs, by the railway crossing
  • Spar: Penhallow Garage, Henver Road, TR7 3EJ. Open 7am-10pm Mon-Sat, 8am-10pm Sundays.
  • Londis: Next to the Central Inn, TR7 1EU

There are no 24 hour shops in Newquay. If you find yourself short of food/cigarettes/whatever at 3am then you’ll have to take a drive elsewhere. St Austell has a 24 hour Asda and 24 hour Tesco, or head out to Victoria on the A30 for the petrol station.

Asda, Newquay

Asda do home delivery in Newquay and surrounding area. Asda is behind Newquay station and has a free car park for a limited amount of time that’s more than enough for shopping. The store is small, but well stocked for convenience shopping, but if you are used to shopping in larger Asdas you’ll find a lot of your favourite items missing.

Has Asda in Newquay got a filling station? No

Nearest large Asda is at St Austell.

Asda Home Delivery

Asda’s home delivery is popular with holidaymakers as they book a slot so their food arrives just after they’ve arrived at their holiday home. Perfect that you don’t have to go out to the shops the minute you arrive! Minimum spend is now £25.

Sainsburys, Newquay

Sainsburys in Newquay is right in town, above Newquay Harbour. On site car park gives you a couple of hours of free parking.

Sainsburys, Newquay, is small store, with an on-site cafe. Well stocked. The nearest large Sainsburys is at Truro.

Has Sainsburys in Newquay got a filling station? No

Morrisons, Newquay

Situated on the outskirts of Newquay, close to Hendra Holiday Park and opposite the Circus Field, Morrisons has a large, free car park. Well stocked store and on-site cafe. At the time of writing this, Morrisons do not offer a delivery service to residents or camp sites.

Has Morrisons in Newquay got a filling station? Yes.  Morrisons is the only Newquay supermarket with a filling station.

Tesco Metro

There are two Tesco Metro stores in Newquay: one on Henver Road (TR7 2RZ), on the main road into Newquay; the other is opposite the Hotel Victoria on East Street. They both open until 11pm 7 days a week.

The first was custom built, new; the second is in an old building.

Waitrose, Newquay

Well, I tricked you a bit there as there is no Waitrose in Newquay. The nearest Waitrose to Newquay is 45 miles away in Saltash, but they do home delivery in the Newquay area. Register with them and you can start building up your holiday food order!

Waitrose in Truro – opened in June 2016.

Lidl and Aldi in Newquay

Lidl is up near Morrisons/McDonalds and Aldi is in town near to Asda and Newquay railway station. They both offer free parking to shoppers. Lidl is a modern store, having been enlarged and refurbished in June 2015.

Lidl opening times are: Mon – Sat 8am-10pm; Sun 10am-4pm

Aldi is opposite Newquay Station and Asda – the car park has great views over Newquay Bay.  The postcode is TR7 1SW.  Aldi opening times are: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm; Sun 11am-5pm.

Supermarkets in Newquay are not large/mega, but the three, plus Lidl and Aldi, are large enough for most needs.

Local Produce Suppliers

If you’re looking for veg boxes, meat boxes and local produce delivered, then check out: Local Produce, Newquay Veg Box Delivery Services

Last checked April 2017