Free Events in Newquay 2016

Free events in Newquay in 2016, from surfing to pub quizzes, from carnivals to markets … and more. Below is a list of some free events in Newquay for you enjoy throughout 2016. Newquay Free Events

While most of these events are totally free, some might still require a little expenditure, e.g. a pub with a free quiz night would imply you’d have to buy a drink or two, or a free event at some venues is only free after you’ve paid their usual entrance fees (e.g. The National Trust and the Eden Project often have free events once you’re on the inside of the kiosk!).

However, this list tries to show “free events with no catches” 99% of the time, only including a few events where there is some cost involved where the event was considered of special interest or note.

Free Events in Newquay

  • Sunday 31 Dec 2017 - 11PM to 11PM

    Newquay New Years Eve Fireworks 2017, Newquay

    Every year at midnight there’s a fireworks display at the end of Newquay Harbour to welcome in the new year.

    Newquay New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display 2017/2018. Newquay Fireworks 2017

    This free firework display starts in the minutes just after midnight.

    Wherever you are in town, as the bells are ringing in the New Year, make a dash next to the Harbour to watch them!

    Get as close as you can, for the best effect, but you can also watch the fireworks from further afield:

    Visible from Watergate Bay, Porth, Tolcarne, Great Western and Towan Beach.
    Visible from Barrowfields and Killacourt.
    From any vantage point, if you can see the sea entrance to Newquay Harbour you’ll be able to see the fireworks.

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