Fairtrade Fortnight, 2011

Pizza restaurant Little Italy, and funky “love” loving café, Café Irie from Newquay are both offering Fairtrade treats this year as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, February 28-March 3 2011.

The Fortnight is a national initiative to highlight the products that ensure a fair price and wage is given to farmers and workers in the world’s poorest regions. Fairtrade offers 7.5 million people in the developing world a more secure future.

Matt Camps, Co-owner and Chef of Little Italy said: “It’a good to know when you have a cuppa that you haven’t exploited anyone in a third world country, but we decided on our hot drinks initially because of the high quality and taste. This year we wanted to do something to raise greater awareness of the Fairtrade movement and our new supplier Cornish Coffee has donated Fairtrade goodies for us to sell. Over the fortnight, Little Italy has pledged to give all Fairtrade hot drink sales to St Columb Minor Church funds.

Café Irie is a funky cafe with many little goodies hidden away in the cute and comfortable seating areas. For Fairtrade Fortnight they are promoting their Fairtrade coffee, which they sell on a regular basis, and they would like the world to know that if you fancy a bag of beans that you know tastes fantastic morally as well as orally, you can buy them direct from the café.

Jon, Co-owner of Café Irie says: “We try to do something each year for Fair-trade Fortnight as we believe that people really should take a little time over where they spend their money. After all, the most powerful way to vote for anything is with your wallet.

“We would like to focus on our great coffee which we take pride in each and everyday with the help of our friends at Origin Coffee and our hard working espresso machine.

Little Italy is open from 11am to 11pm every day, with the Fairtrade stall open during the day. Café Irie is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter months before throwing the doors open full time again in March. (But open every day during half-term March 21-27.)

** Archived February 2011 **

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