How Much is a Cream Tea at Martha’s in Newquay?

That was the first thing I heard when I picked up the phone…”how much is a cream tea at Martha’s in Newquay?”. Well, I didn’t really know how to answer that – the prices of any cafe and what they sell can change over time and I could be wrong.

However, I did remember some prices from when I last popped into Martha’s, which seemed to be enough of an answer.
How Much is a Cream Tea at Marthas in Newquay
The Savoury Cream Tea that I’d had was two cheese scones, cream cheese, red onion chutney and a pot of tea was £4.50.

At the time, the regular Cream Tea at Martha’s was homemade scones and a pot of tea for £4.50 too.

So, both were the same price – a regular Cream Tea or a Savoury Cream Tea, both £4.50. That was when I last popped in, so don’t blame me if it’s changed!

And well worth it 🙂

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