Save Money in Newquay With Cashback Sites

In these times when every penny has to stretch as far as it can, it’s still important that you don’t cut back on everything you do, but can still find ways to afford some finer things in life.

Cashback sites are a great way to save money on the things you were going to be buying, or paying for, anyway. Cashback sites are free membership sites that are paid a ‘commission’ for introducing you to companies – and they give you cash back from this commission. Cashback sites are legit and most large corporations are using them as a great way to increase their business.

Cashback sites are win:win for you though – if you’re going to be buying something anyway, then it makes sense to join a cashback site (which is free) and to pocket that cashback for yourself.

The two main cashback sites I use are Quidco and Topcashback. At the time of writing these two are considered to be the best cashback sites to join as they have the best retailers and best cashback deals and have performed well in recent years compared to smaller sites.

Below is a sample list of companies and organisations in Newquay that you can get paid cashback for using:

  • National Trust: You can save money on National Trust membership by signing up to the Quidco cashback site (which is free), then finding the National Trust and joining through the special Discount Link – giving up potentially up to 25% cashback on your National Trust membership.  National Trust membership is immediate, you receive a temporary membership card by email to print off – the full member pack arrives 4-5 weeks later, so if you’re planning on trips it’s best to join asap so you’ve got the full National Trust book and membership pack ready for your outings.  Trerice is the local National Trust property for Newquay.

Get cashback – it’d almost be rude not to!