Out & About

Going out and about in Newquay and in Cornwall can get expensive, but if you look deeper than the bars and shopping, there’s a lot of “Ye Olde Cornwall” to explore and discover for free and at low cost. This out and about section will bring you ideas of where to go in Cornwall, tales of Cornwall Smugglers, exploring the castles of Cornwall (none in Newquay!) and just general, interesting things that you might have walked past and missed out on!

You can mix n match a bunch of these to create whole days out without wondering “where to go next” which can often be an issue. Now you’ll never be short of where to go and what to do.

Newquay and Cornwall have really interesting history, often intertwined, with the same stories threading through the same lands and families for generations, it’s really surprising how people and places’ lives criss cross through the centuries, bringing fascinating stories of faeries, magic, secrets, ghosts, castles, caves and smugglers together….. and the journey of discovery never ends.

I hope you enjoy this section as it’s got the potential to be more lasting on your holiday memories than the everyday tourist attractions that most people will simply plod through between ice-creams.