Newquay Airport

Newquay airport is about 2-3 miles from the centre of town, just inland of Watergate Bay.

The airlines that supply services to the airport change frequently, with new routes being announced all the time – and some under-used routes being withdrawn occasionally.

To keep on top of what’s available at any given time it’s best to Use a flights search website to find all the flights to Newquay and flights from Newquay as they can change with short notice at times.

New routes are often hinted at, announced, or launched.

It can be difficult planning flights in advance because the airlines are quite reluctant to release details until 3-4 months ahead of the dates you might want to travel, which can be frustrating. If, however, you’re sitting in London and it’s Thursday lunchtime, you can probably still get tomorrow off and find/catch a flight tonight for a long weekend of surfing and chilling out.

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