Trevithick Bakery Pasty Wows French Gastronomes and Chefs at Festival

Trevithick Bakery entered a Cornish pasty into a Food Festival in France and it was declared as a “revelation” by top critics and chefs.

The Lorient Festival is an annual event, held in the city of Lorient in Brittany, France, attracts over 60,000 people including top French gastronomes and top French chefs.

Le Telegramme, the leading newspaper in the area, declared the Trevithick Bakery pasty as ‘The revelation of the Festival’.

The Cornish pasty has enjoyed Protected Geographical Status (PGI) since 2011.

A genuine Cornish pasty has to meet very strict guidelines for how it looks, what is in it and – it HAS to be made in Cornwall. A genuine Cornish pasty can be made in Cornwall and shipped up country or abroad to be baked – in fact this is how many Cornish pasty franchises work; the pasties are made in Cornwall and frozen, then shipped to the franchise shops across the UK.

There’s a Genuine Cornish Pasty recipe here: Cornish Pasty Recipe.

The Trevithick Bakery isn’t well known by this name, but search deeper and you find Etherington Meats of Scorrier whose baker is Ian Trevithick, a master pasty maker who has been baking Cornish pasties for over 30 years, using a recipe that was handed to him by his mum, who had it handed down to her, by her Great Auntie. This makes the Cornish pasty recipe over 150 years old.


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