2015 Eclipse of the Sun Starts in Cornwall

Next Friday, 20 March 2015, there will be a Partial Eclipse of the Sun and it’ll start in Cornwall. Unlike the full eclipse in Cornwall on 11 August 1999, this one is a partial eclipse so won’t be a total blackout – I was on Porth Headland for that event! I think I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Underwhelmed. Partial Eclipse Sun Cornwall 2015

The eclipse on 20 March starts at 8am and passes across the UK from the bottom corner (Cornwall) up to the Orkneys. To see a total eclipse of the sun this time you’d have to be in the Faroe Islands. In Cornwall you’ll find about 80-85% of the sun will be covered, so it’ll be darker, but not totally dark.

In 1999 I had the special eclipse book, complete with the orange Eclipse Glasses (still got it!) – as you shouldn’t look at the sun – and don’t try to photograph it or you’ll feck up your nice camera unless you have fitted a special solar filter to it.

The time of most darkness will be about 9:20am in Newquay. Set your alarm so you don’t forget it/miss it.

When is the next eclipse in the UK if you miss this one? Not until 2026! So it’s worth making the effort to see this.

Get a Solar Viewer

To view the eclipse, don’t look at the sun directly – unless you have a Solar Viewer bought from a reputable seller.

End Date: Monday Mar-19-2018 1:38:44 GMT
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Eclipse Glasses in Newquay

Eclipse glasses will be for sale in most of the supermarkets in Newquay as well as a lot of the small traders that sell 1001 random items. It’s impossible to say who has eclipse glasses for sale today as they’re selling out fast – but, you can bet your bottom dollar that not everybody is sold out, so get out there and get asking/hunting!

xtr eclipse of the sun 2015 in cornwall

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