Big Wild Sleepout 2013, RSPB

This weekend is the Big Wild Sleepout event, organised by the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB). The idea is for everybody, especially kids, to camp out in their own back gardens this weekend and get in touch with nature and the birds and creatures that come into your garden at night.

The Big Wild Sleepout is from 9-11 August 2013.

Discover the secret world on your doorstep by sleeping out in the great outdoors! Put up a tent in your garden, build a makeshift shelter or, if you’re brave enough, simply sleep out under the stars. It’s your chance to sleep out in nature’s home, hear night sounds, feel the night air on your face and marvel at the night sky.
Big Wild Sleepout
If you’ve not got a garden, the RSPB will be hosting a range of sleepouts and other night-themed events, although there are none (at the time of writing) in Cornwall.

So, whether you can borrow a tent, have a tent already, or are brave enough to sleep just in your sleeping bag, why not organise your family and friends into a group to camp out together! Even if it’s short notice now, you can still do this another weekend.

There’s also a meteor shower expected this weekend, making it a really great time to sleepout.

Essential supplies should include a torch and a camera, as well as the obligatory marshmallows for toasting over a campfire (or camp stove).


remwbay pop up tent

Image © Nick Bramhall

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