Captain Calamity Beaten By the Cribbar Wave

Captain Calamity, as the press him, tried unsuccessfully to enjoy the big Cribbar Wave and ended up having his catamaran trashed. Glenn Crawley, 55, turned his catamaran into matchsticks in the surf of the monster wave known locally as The Cribbar, Britain’s biggest wave – and Captain Calamity’s 13th rescue to date.

At a cost of £2,500 per rescue, Glenn Crawley is well known to the rescue services, not just in Newquay, but along the west coast of England.

The retired electrician/engineer took up sailing in 2003 and had to call out the emergency services three times in his first year.

His 18ft catamaran, Mischief, bought for £1200, was smashed to pieces, but Glenn says he’ll have another boat in the water by Christmas.

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