Famous People in Newquay: Aled Jones

Aled Jones was in Newquay, filming for Escape to the Country.  This was for an episode in Series 13, to be aired on 15 March 2013.

Aled Jones travels to Cornwall to help an adventure-loving couple with a £370,000 budget embark on their new life in the country.

Away from the house hunt,  Aled sets sail from Newquay harbour to get a close-up view of the county’s unique crab population.

Skipper Phil Trebilcock, who has been fishing from Newquay Harbour for over 40 years, took Aled out to bring up the crab pots and explain to him all about catching shellfish and the laws protecting from over-fishing.  They brought back some spider crabs to The Boathouse.

He popped into The Boathouse, the restaurant down on Newquay Harbour and even posed for photos:


He had good weather for it!

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