Free Coke at Newquay Boardmasters, August 2013

You can get a free coke at Newquay Boardmasters. The Coke promo will be down at Fistral Beach on 7th-11th August 2013 at Headland Road, Newquay, TR7 1HY.

The special Share a Coke vending machines will be touring towns and city centres around Great Britain and coming to the Boardmasters for the a full five days. Head along to the big coke machine and choose a name you would like to see on a free 250ml bottle of Coke or Coke Zero, dispensed from the special machines then quench your thirst with a free can of ice cold Coke or Coke Zero while you wait!

Everyone is welcome to come along and Share a Coke!

At these events, you’ll be able to request the name of your choice, including your own name. You’re not limited to the 250 names selected for the bottles available in shops.
Free Coke
Free coke: Personalised 250ml bottles will be available free at the Share a Coke vending machine.

Restrictions: The free Coke is not available to under 12s as Coke has a responsible marketing charter which states: “We don’t market any drinks to children under 12 because we believe parents should choose the drinks that are right for their families.”

remwbay coke towel
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