Easyjet Smaller Bags Allowance

If you turn up at the airport for an Easyjet flight, you might get taken by surprise as they have a new Easyjet smaller bags allowance on their flights. Easyjet are now flying to Newquay from Southend and Liverpool, so this is something that might affect Newquay travellers going to those towns.

Easyjet won’t guarantee to allow bags 56cm x 45cm x 30cm in the cabin – they might take your hand luggage from you and put it in the hold!

This reduction in the bags allowance can mean a reduction in bag size by more than 1/3rd.

If your flight is particularly busy, and if your bag is bigger than 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, then you should be aware that they might take it from you at the boarding gate. This is only on very busy flights, not all flights. If they do this, there’s no extra charge for putting it in the hold.

Easyjet do have one of the smallest charges for oversized bags. Ryanair charge £140, against Easyhet’s £25.

So, if you’re used to flying out of Newquay airport with your bags, just check the bag sizes with Easyjet before you pack, rather than being taken by surprise at the gate!

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