Free Newquay Events Today

If you’re looking for free Newquay events today, then the list below will give you the heads up. It’ll show you a quick list of free events that are ongoing, or just for today. One off free days out, or exhibitions and displays.

It goes without saying that Newquay’s beaches are always free, coastal walks and foraging for free food along the clifftops and on the beaches, but if you’re looking to be entertained or enthralled, excited or left breahtless, an organised event is sometimes just the ticket.

Free Newquay Events

There are many events in Newquay for which there is no charge. Surf competitions are always free to watch and you can choose to sit yourself on the beach with a picnic, or grab a grandstand view from the clifftop. Other events are annual, but free, such as the Zapcats, Polo on the Beach or the annual parade.
Free Events in Newquay
In the town, free events are often held on Killacourt, above Towan Beach, or at Newquay Harbour.

This list will help you to quickly find “What’s On Today”, and where it is, so you don’t miss out!

List of Free Events Today:

You’ll find the list here: Free Events in Newquay Today.

Most activities are seasonal, with more happening in the summer months, so there’s not always something to do today, but hopefully there’s something happening when YOU want it to.

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