New Surf Body Set up in Newquay

Surfing Great Britain (SGB) are working to establish a brand new organisation to build a system to produce a British world title contender. SGB has been created after the British Surfing Association disbanded after experiencing financial difficulties.

The group of surfers, environmentalists, coaches and members of the surfing community have joined forces and have now secured National Governing Body status. Newquay based Nigel Semmens, former British and European Surf Champion, is the Chairman for this exciting new venture.

He said: “While we have a massive amount of surfing talent in this country, male and female, we haven’t had someone competing internationally for a number of years. To reach the same level as someone like Kelly Slater, we need to have a more structured approach which puts a premium on top-quality coaching and commitment, and which seeks and obtains sponsorship that reflects the massive interest in surfing in Britain.”

The last British surfer to compete on the Tour was Russell Winter from Cornwall ten years ago. Alex Wade, surfing journalist and author, helped reshape the new body. Alex said: “There is tremendous energy and excitement behind SGB as it seeks to push British surfing forward to the next level.

New directors of SGB include Bob Freshwater, surfer and judge; Kerry Powell, judge and surf journalist; Darren Parish, accounts advice; Matt Knight, surfer and businessman; Ray Trebilcock, surfer and businessman; Alex Williams, professional surfing photographer; and Geoff Swallow, finance expert.


** Archived February 2012 **

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