Newquay Boardmasters 2013 Webcam

Newquay Boardmasters 2013 takes place at two locations: Watergate Bay and Fistral Bay. Both these have a webcam where you might be able to see how busy it is.

There’s no webcam trained on the Boardmasters events themselves though.

What you will be able to see is some beach shots, some surf and the crowds passing by. Great to get you excited if you’re heading that way, but frustrating if you’re not going to be attending Boardmasters 2013!

The two webcams you’d need to be looking at would be: Webcam Watersedge Fistral Beach Webcam

Overall, webcams aren’t going to be a good way to watch any action – but they will help you have a quick look at general activity if you’re travelling to the event, or to see what the weather’s like before you leave home.

remwbay new webcam

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