Police cuts could affect Newquay’s safety

The Devon and Cornwall Police Authority are considering £47m cuts that could have a damaging effect on safety in Newquay, particularly in the high season.

Proposals include closing enquiry offices at some stations, but if this will happen in Newquay it is not yet clear.

The Authority is meeting today to discuss how they can make cuts of up to £47 million from its budgets in the next four years and 1,200 jobs across Devon and Cornwall could be compromised including forced retirement for officers that have more than 30 years of service. 

Joe Williams, local resident said: "This is quite shocking news and could potentially result in Newquay suffering from drunken yobs not being apprehended on the streets if the amount of officers on the beat is reduced. The police do a great job at the moment and they keep Newquay safe.. but for how much longer?"


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