Summercourt Fair, near Newquay

Summercourt Fair 2017 Rowlands Fairground Rides  With Rowlands Fair

Summercourt Fair is to be found inland from Newquay, just off the main A30, dominating this small village for a week in late September each year.  Summercourt Fair is ~1000 years old and moved location to being held at Summercourt during the reign of King Edward II (1302-1327).

Since 1752 the date of Summercourt Fair has been fixed around 25 September, varying each year as the Fairground rides are open on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – in the Summercourt Fairground Field, with the main road being closed down on the final Monday when Cornwall’s Largest Street Fair takes place – with stalls running the length of School Road, Summercourt, from the traffic lights to the end of the road.

In addition to the street being lined on both sides with stalls, home owners living along the road will also typically put stalls out in their front gardens and garages selling either car boot sale household goods, or home produced jams, chutneys and more.

On the fairground field you’ll find gypsy palm readers, side stalls, fairground rides, candy floss and hot dogs!

Summercourt Fair Dates:

The dates each year vary, as they are based on days of the week around the 25th of September. The day when most is going on is always the Monday, with the street market going on:

  • Thursday to Monday: Rowlands Funfair
  • Monday: Summercourt Fair Street Fair

Summercourt Fair 2017 Dates:
Thursday 21 September to Monday 25 September

Parking at Summercourt:

There is a special field for parking that is opened every year, watch out for the entrance to this, which is typically between the traffic lights and the Summercourt Travel yard, on the same side of the road as the Fairground.  Coming from Newquay this would mean you go straight over the traffic lights at Summercourt and start looking on the left.

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