Water Bills Cuts are Welcomed

As we all know, Cornwall, and the West Country have the biggest water bills in the country, so a new pledge to slash £50/year off the water bill of every household in Cornwall has been welcomed.

An annual rebate to all South West Water customers has been agreed with The Treasury, starting in April 2013.< The across-the-board £50 cut will be given to 700,000 households – representing a £35 million Government hand-out. The water bill rebate is expected to continue for at least 10 years. Chris Loughlin, chief executive of South West Water, said: "We have worked closely alongside MPs of all parties, consumer groups and the region's media to highlight the South West's case at the highest levels and we look forward to helping the Government implement the fairness discount in April 2013." Ministers want to make amends for water industry privatisation in the 1980s, which left Cornwall with the country's highest bills, at £517/year the average annual South West Water bills are £157 higher than the national level, and £101 above the next highest region. Time for that swimming pool you've always promised yourself! [wordbay] metal above ground swimming pool [/wordbay]

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