When the Shit Hits the Van, Flocking Starlings!

An expensive clean up operation is likely to cost over £10,000 as local Holiday Park, Trevelgue, near Newquay find that when the shit hits the van you can’t just ignore it!

It’s not just the caravans/holiday homes, but the whole site has been covered with bird poo from those flocking starlings. The bird poo has landed on roads, trees and the grassy areas where tents are pitched by holidaymakers.

With the season starting on 1st April, Trevelgue’s bosses have had to bring in a bird scarer to coax the birds away from the holiday park; the rook scarer works for two hours/evening making sure the birds don’t cause further damage.

The starlings descend in the early evening, congretating on the power lines and the trees; some trees have lost branches due to the weight of the birds – and in some areas the bird poo’s up to 7″ deep.

Decontamination of the mess left by the flocking starlings is estimated to cost over £10,000.

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