Free Costa Coffee in Newquay, Costa Coffee Loyalty Card

If you love coffee, then why not see if you can get a free Costa coffee in Newquay.

Costa coffee is at 31 Bank Street, Newquay and if you’re not already a Costa coffee loyalty card holder, then by simply registering you can get 100 points on your card, equivalent to £1. You can pick up your Loyalty Card in-store, then register it online for your 100 points.

Next, if you enter their Rome competition you can win up to a further 395 points, meaning there’s a chance that you’ll end up with enough on your loyalty card for a free Costa coffee; over 200,000 will win at least an extra £1 worth of credit, making it enough for a free coffee.

Existing Loyalty Card holders can’t get the free 100 points, but if you’re a fan of coffee, then this is a free way to try to grab yourself a free coffee.

Valid Until: 28 February 2011

** offer expired **

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