Wild Food and Foraging Apps

You can’t beat the excitement of finding your own food and foraging’s taken off as the new “must do” activity around the country – and where better to get started than on the coasts of Newquay and Cornwall!  Foraging in Newquay Cornwall

Wild food and foraging apps are enabling you to keep your information with you, on your phone, rather than having to carry a book.  Some apps are dedicated to one specific food type, eg mushrooms, others tackle food groups and some target geographic areas.  There are even some foraging games for the younger enthusiasts.  Big brands and celebrity chefs offer a variety of foraging apps and games.

Why not see what’s catching your eye today: Foraging & Wild Food Apps

You don’t have to eat what you find.  Many people are happy just “plant spotting”, simply finding wild food and the excitement of the find, without feeling the need to pluck it and eat it.  So you can use it just as a nature trail adventure, or as a source of the ingredients for your next meal.

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