World Pasty Championships Results 2015

The world pasty championships results for 2015 showed some surprises! There are eight different categories in all and three winners per category, so a lucky 24 winners, from 150 entries.  The competition was held on Saturday 28 February.

The winners in 2015 for the standard Cornish pasty recipe are as follows.

Traditional Cornish Pasty Category

In this category, contestants had to make and bake a pasty to the traditional Cornish Pasty recipe, which is defined by ingredients, shape and crimp as a product with Protected Product Status. The 2015 results in the four categories were:

Cornish Pasty Amateur

1st: Betty Lethbridge, St Kew, Cornwall – the 88 year old mother of John, a singer with the Fishermen’s Friends shanty singers
2nd: Glyn Meredith, Penryn, Cornwall.
3rd: Terry O’Connor, Watford, Hertfordshire.

Cornish Pasty Professional

1st: Andy Heath, Bodmin, Cornwall.
2nd: David Timmins, Penryn, Cornwall.
3rd: Karolina Albertova, Bodmin, Cornwall.

Cornish Pasty Company

1st: West Cornwall Pasty Company.
2nd: Prima Bakeries.
3rd: Simply Cornish.

Cornish Pasty Junior

1st: Michael Webb, aged 15, from Helston, Cornwall.
2nd: Rosie Dymond, aged 13, from St Erme, Cornwall.
3rd: Ettie Coonick, aged 9, from Wadebridge.

Savoury Pasty Category

In this category, contestants could invent and bake their own recipe for a pasty filling. The 2015 results in the four categories were:

Open Savoury Amateur

1st: Jorge Pereira, from Chile, with a traditional Chilean pasty, an Empanada Chilena, containing beef, onion, hard-boiled egg, olives and sultanas.
2nd: Don McKeever, Bristol with a “Boeuf Bourguign-Don” recipe.
3rd: Bradley Allen with Escargot (snails) in a Garlic, Mushroom and Cream Sauce Pasty.

Open Savoury Professional

1st: Luisa Ead, from Padstow, who baked a Smoked Haddock with White Wine and Mustard Pasty.
2nd: David Timmins from Penryn, who baked a Sunday Roast Pasty.
3rd: Nick Brown from Liskeard, who baked a Cornish Pork and Rattler Cider Pasty recipe.

Open Savoury Company

1st: Prima Bakeries with a Steak, Onions and Peppercorn Sauce Pasty.
2nd: Chough Bakery with a Christmas Dinner Pasty.
3rd: Simply Cornish with a Cheese & Onion Pasty.

Open Savoury Junior

1st: Daniel Beddoes, aged 13, Bristol. Daniel baked a BBQ Chicken Pasty. Daniel was the returning champion, having won this category in 2014.
2nd: Amy Sparrow, Newquay, Cornwall. Amy baked a Chicken and Sage Pasty recipe.
3rd: Toby Black, aged 15, Fareham, Hampshire. Toby baked a Smoked Ppork Pasty.

Cornish Pasty Ambassador Award

This year the winner of the cornish Pasty Ambassador Award was Marion Symonds.

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