Ade Edmondson, Ade in Britain, Newquay

Ade Edmondson was in Newquay this week, filming for the popular Ade In Britain TV cookery series. Ade’s well-known for being the punk in The Young Ones, and starring in The Comic Strip Presents, Bottom and more. Since 2011 Ade’s been making a cookery programme where he travels around the UK, cooking local specialities on a camping stove.

Ade took a trip out in a Newquay Gig Boat, with the Newquay Ladies’ Team. After a short race, Ade’s team won.

During his filming in Cornwall, Ade learnt about the sardine industry, did some night fishing, sampled some local Cornish ales and baked some biscuits for a group of harpists. This will all be aired as Episode 14, Series 2, in March 2013.

Ade isn’t a stranger to the West Country as he owns a home in South Devon, as does his co-star from TYO Rik Mayall.

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