Armed Mass Brawl Prompts Bar’s Closure

Devon and Cornwall Police have used emergency powers for the first time to shut down The Shack on Bank Street, Newquay after they found no door staff on duty, the CCTV cameras were faulty and people were drinking in the street.

The Licensing Act 2003, Section 161, was used for the first time by the force due to concerns they had about disorder at the licensed premises.  Section 161 legislation dictates that there must be an initial magistrate’s hearing which considers the closure order made by the police; the hearing was held at Bodmin and The Shack was closed.  A review date of 28 December was set.

Previously, in September, there’d been a mass brawl at The Shack between two rival biker gangs; about 20 people were involved in the fight which required 22 officers, including an armed response unit, to sort out.  On that occasion, nine arrests were made.


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