Rock Samphire is in Season

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Rock samphire can be found on the cliffs of Cornwall, it’s a sea vegetable that grows in abundance along the cliffs and coast of Cornwall. Now it’s mid-season, you should be able to forage for rock samphire and try it out for yourself!

Rock samphire has a crisp texture and is a great accompaniment to fish as it “tastes of the sea”. If you don’t want to go foraging for samphire, then you could try fishmongers, who often stock it

Rock Samphire Season

The samphire season is very short, just July-August. On the plus side, this is a great time to go foraging on the clifftops for it and using it as a side dish for fish dishes – perhaps your next beach barbecue! Rock Samphire Crithmum Maritimum

Rock samphire, Crithmum maritimum, is slightly different to marsh samphire, Salicornia europaea. Marsh samphire has been gaining popularity in trendy restaurants lately, but that’s because the rock samphire is so much harder for them to source – yet here it is in Cornwall, growing freely!

Note: If you do forage, never remove the plant, that would be illegal. Simply pick the pieces you need, without picking it all. Always leave it to continue growing and some for the next person!

Also, be careful where you pick it, to ensure it’s “clean” and not contaminated. Take the same care you’d take if you were out blackberrying, for example!

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