Biolite Camping Stove Phone Charger

Gadgets and modern technology have transformed old-style camping and the new Biolite camping stove is one of those great gadgets: it’s a compact camping stove that will also charge your phone.

The Biolite campstove is a compact camping stove, perfect for campsites, on the beach, or even on the balcony of your apartment! It just uses small pieces of dry wood, twigs, or even leaves, lying around as the power source. But the real big news about this nifty gadget it is also charges your gadgets, meaning you can still use your iphone, ipod or anything else you’ve got without worrying about the battery dying.

Charging: The CampStove is compatible with most devices that can be charged through a standard USB port. This includes cell phones, smartphones, MP3 players, LED flashlights, headlamps, and rechargeable battery packs, among other devices.

No need for gas: This is a major breakthrough, you don’t have to buy or carry gas canisters with you. Simply use a couple of handfuls of small twigs/wood you collect on your journey to power it.

Quick to light, quick to boil: This really packs a punch – the biolite camping stove is quick to light and boils up your water, or food, really quickly – and while it’s running it’ll charge up your gadgets, even your camera!Biolite Camping Stove

Smokeless: This smokeless stove makes campside drinks and hot food a doddle! It just needs dry twigs and leaves, if you try to use damp ones there will be some smoke.

Charging times vary by device, as well as by the strength of the fire and other variables like outside temperature. For an Apple iPhone 4S (2G), 20 minutes of charging with a strong fire can provide you with 60 minutes of talk time. It is recommended that you condition your battery before your first use for optimal performance.

Roast marshmallows: Have some great campside or beach fun toasting marshmallows over this camping stove – a perfect end to a hot summer’s day!

A truly portable, genius camping stove for life.

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