Body Found Newquay

Human remains have been found at the bottom of cliffs near Newquay – and it’s thought this body found at Tregurrian might be missing person Chad Gibson, missing from Newquay since December 2015. Identification will take some time as the remains will need to be forensically tested. Body Found Newquay RIP2

The “Tregurrian area” includes Watergate Bay, where the Boardmasters festival is currently underway.

Chad was 32 and last seen leaving the Central Inn in Newquay on 19 December 2015.  He was spotted on CCTV cameras and never seen again.  It is possible that the remains of a body found near Tregurrian belong to Chad.

UPDATE: The body remains found near Newquay were not Chad Gibson, DNA tests proved this at the end of September.

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