Bodyboarding’s one-stop-shop rides the crest of the wave

A new one-stop-shop for bodyboarding fans will be launched this weekend in Cornwall attracting champions of the sport.

The Bodyboard-Depot in Newquay offers enthusiasts the chance to buy specialist equipment and to book coaching sessions and overseas surf trips. Sunday’s launch is open to everyone and begins at 12.30pm with a live webchat with top bodyboarder Pierre-Louis Costes as he prepares to compete at the International Bodyboard Association’s Grand Slam Pro in Australia.

Video coaching sessions on the beach and a tag-team event featuring some of the UK’s top bodyboarders including British Champion Damian Prisk will also be held.

The shop based at Carnmarth Hotel in the town is the brainchild of Rob Barber, a professional bodyboarder, former British Champion, current British Senior Champion and coach of the British team.

He said: “UK bodyboarding has a growing following so we’re hoping the launch event, the depot and website will give bodyboarders the opportunity to get all the advice and gear they need to take their own surfing to the next level.

“It should be an awesome day especially if there’s some swell about so we’re encouraging everyone who has an interest in bodyboarding to come along and enjoy themselves.”

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